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Planning Your First Digital Memorial Scrapbook


Funerals are a trying time for all, yet the right digital memorial scrapbook can lighten the mood and pay tribute to the life and times of the passed.

Building an inexpensive novice digital memorial can be easy and fun. The MyGica ATV 1800e Quad Core CPU, Octa Core GPU Ultra Smart Streaming Media Player Plus with 4K Ultra HD Playback Support, Powered by AndroidTM 4.4.2 with XBMC/KODI is one of several off-the-shelf Android set-top devices that can power a digital memorial venture. The operating system is not custom-made for scrapbooking by any means, but it’s built on Android, and that means you can download the easy to use player App from – where you’ll be producing the animations and screens that run your memorial display in no time.  Plus you can order it right away from and get started on your project immediately.

Anyone with a sprinkle of creativity and the courage to both succeed and fail will find it quite an adventure to develop a personal digital memorial scrapbook for broadcast to others. Built using the tools of Adobe Air, you’ll be up and running in no time after a few easy-to-watch video tutorials at

Although not perfect, some of the outcomes with have a learning curve if you haven’t built anything creative from a digital perspective before. The $99USD a month Enterprise version of the Signage Studio software allows for integration of many web-based services like Twitter, Instagram, Google Drive, Flickr, Dropbox and many more.

At that price, you’ll get streaming video from, but one way around this is to encode the videos first and stream them directly from’s video server. With 1GB free cloud storage, this is a solution any scrapbooking memorial newcomer can embrace.

Give it a shot.  If this is your first time scrapbooking with a digital angle, you have nothing to lose.  If you’re a newcomer and you’re doing this with time constraints, you won’t have time in a few hours or days to learn how to do this for a memorial service so the right move is probably to stick with basic Android Flickr slideshows or the better FlickrFolio for immediate display of family and friends’ photographs.


Apps, Tech Supplies & Resources For Digital Memorials


Photo credit: edgenumbers via / CC BY-NC-ND

Legacy Photo: Lives Matter From Selma To Montgomery And Beyond

#Photography – Found this photo while digitizing an archive of family memories.  It was taken during the historic Selma to Montgomery Freedom marches of 1965.  Martin Luther King Jr. was speaking while the historian documenting the affair was interested in some of the signs of local marchers.


How will you ensure the collected memories of your family will be historically and accurately stored for the next generations?  Our future heirs will harness the power of the past to create new opportunity, information, education and potential.

Who would have thought fifty years ago that today’s digerati would be Instagramming their way to viral social media success using tools that even the most prolific photographer would have found unbelievable 20 years ago?  How will your family benefit from the memories you have of the past, and those you still intend to create?

Do you have a plan for your digital estate?  How many gigabytes and terabytes of data have you already created?  Where does it all go?  Will it be deleted upon your passing?  That data has to be stored somewhere and it should obviously be part of any digital estate plan.

Digital Assets: How Will Your Memories Be Accessed In One Hundred Years?

This is one of the photos sent from #Ukraine to #Canada during the late 1920s early 1930s by my grandmother’s family to my grandfather as a means of introducing her to him and encouraging him to send for her.

In hundreds of years, how will will future generations be harnessing the power of your past memories to create their own legacy? Surely you have a plan for your digital assets. You must have a plan for the digitization of old files and old photography so that it can be accessed in the future by your estate.  If not, what happens to all that work you put into creating it?

Don’t forget about making sure your digital estate is protected when preparing your final matters.

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Legacy Photo: Capture Those Historical Moments And Preserve Them Permanently

DIGITAL STORY @justintrudeau – This is a picture of my Mother last year meeting the Prime Minister of Canada before he was PM on the election trail. She is an enthusiastic supporter of his party and policies and contributes time and money to build his legacy. She can recall dancing with the Prime Minister’s father when he himself was a Prime-Minister-in-waiting many years ago.

Are you going to preserve your digital estate memories or will they fall by the wayside?

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Legacy Photo: Ancestry Proves My Father A Digital Innovator

#FAMILY #PHOTOGRAPHY – In this post under the vintage and old time category, I wanted to include a picture of my folks from back when they were high rollers in the early seventies. Yes, that’s vintage for some people. Here they are celebrating at a party – which those of you of that era will remember as wild and often – to mark their successful business deals. At the time, my Dad had become the part owner of #Burlington Cable… a fledgling cable television provider when the industry was only burgeoning. He sold that company before realizing what a future the business held but that’s okay, these folks went on to become very successful businesspeople in their own right.

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WordPress Dev: The Plug-In We Really Need

One of the plug-ins that the WordPress publishing and development community needs is an open-source Creative Commons based tool that will stream an image slide show based on a connection to WordPress tags searching the Wikipedia media database for tags associated with any new page or post.

So here’s the situation.  You post a new article to WordPress.  The plug-in slider automatically inserts a featured image based on most relevant matches to your article or you have the option of importing specific search results into the Media gallery.

The app could pull new images and most relevant search results as automatic entries into the Featured Image of each article.

What Is A Digital Estate Memorial?

What is a digital estate memorial? For starters, it is the combined collection of every digital memory established by a loved one in the pursuit of an estate. Every phone number, every email, every social media account, every photograph… these are valuable assets to future generations to behold and believe in. They contain a collective embodiment of all our most cherished milestones. In past eras, wouldn’t it have been nice to have a record of every letter, postcard, love note, short story and other reminders of our family histories? Stay true to yourself and remind those around you that their digital memories are worth keeping as assets for the next era.

Digital Memorial: What Does The Estate Say?

This is my grandmother. She appears here posthumously because I am empowered with digital technology to use her photograph in a manner that brings her to this day living in spirit. What will future generations be able to do with our memories of the past and the memories we create in the future? What is the potential for those of he next era to use the past in ways we can’t even think of any more. Ghost in the machine? I don’t think so. When it comes to the idea of photographs, people are using and reusing photos from the past in interesting ways. How would your great-grandmother react if she knew people were Instagramming her to this very day? The answers are out there. Harnessing the power of recorded memory will fundamentally change archival historical records.

From Ukraine With Perseverance

This is a follow up to my other post from the other day. This is my other grandfather on my father’s side. His is a story unique today but not back in his era. He sent for his wife without even meeting her. The family sent a photograph from Ukraine to Canada and lo and behold, she left the old country to live life as a new immigrant in Quebec and Upper Canada. He was a tough man, a wrestler back in the day, which is why I appreciate that ‘sport’. More classic art ancestry coming up.

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