#TECHNOLOGY #SOCIALMEDIA – As a matter of fact, most Ukrainians want our English speaking friends to learn our interesting language as a means of increasing the peaceful relationship Ukraine has with the world.  If you know how to speak Ukrainian, than you will learn to live in the country with great ease.

One way to discover how to understand the language is to use a variety of Internet-based tools that will enable you to converse in many languages in a short period of time.

Tools Required: Two web browsers (one should be Google Chrome); One Twitter account (or one for each language you plan on mastering); One streaming music account to provide inspiration and patience during irksome translation gaps or waiting around to converse with someone; Multiple Google Accounts for each language you want to learn.

Open up your your Google Chrome browser and launch Google Translate in the first tab. Open up a second tab with your Twitter account open.  Open up a third tab and open regular Google search engine on the page. This is the part that is important, you must learn to search for hashtags in the language you wish to discover.  In this case, we’re using Ukrainian hashtags, so we’ll search for the account @ukrainehashtags on Twitter.  Find @UkraineHashtags on Twitter by searching for the full name using the Twitter search feature.

If you’re not looking for hashtags in the Ukrainian language, you can use a third party website to search for hashtag translation tools.  http://Hashtagify.me is one such tool useful for finding popular hashtags in another language.

Now go back to Twitter and search for the hashtag on the Live section of Twitter Search.  There you will find possibly thousands of people recently Tweeting.  Find the one that looks most interesting and contact them.

But wait, you say you don’t know how to speak that language?  Go back to the first tab and write a sentence into Google Translate.  Here is one for example:

“Hello, I am looking to speak the Ukraine language with someone, please Tweet me.”

Which is less than the 140 character limit of Twitter.  Now translate that to your selected language and you’ll instantly have something to tweet about.  The above sentence translates to:

Привіт, я шукаю, щоб говорити мовою України з кимось, будь ласка, Tweet мене.

It may not be perfectly accurate, but if you pick a time when there are many people tweeting, you’ll almost be guaranteed a response.  Plus, you can follow accounts in the language of your choice and respond back to tweets using this method.

It helps to tell people you are tweeting with that you are using a translator.  When you get a message back, you’ll notice a new added link on your Twitter message that says “Translate” – now this part is easy.  @Bing (a Microsoft company) translates the tweet automatically and even offers a solution to help that company with future translation efforts by rewriting tweets if the translation is wrong.

You have to be careful as you become more advanced at this technique.  The Chrome browser offers to translate pages automatically and sometimes you can get so far into this language fun that EVERYTHING, including your email on Google Accounts is translated because the algorithms think you are a natural speaker…I am guessing that part anyway, it’s easy to get too far ahead of yourself in this process.

As you become more advanced at this technique, you’ll become able to dance around hashtags in different languages with ease.

If you want to take it one step further, Google Translate offers voice recital of the sentences you construct so if you’re off to visit another country, you at least have a free resource to learn some pronunciation techniques.

Feel free to Tweet me in any language to continue this conversation.

Note: You can find the author of this article at http://twitter.com/UkraineHashtags