100x250scrapbooking#TECHNOLOGY – It began with a few questions asked of my father.  Who is in this picture, why was it taken and where did it come from?  What resulted was a new adventure in digital scrapbooking.

The woman pictured middle row, fifth from left is my Grandmother Anna.  The lad in the hat at front is my Uncle Ron.  They are gathered at the local hall in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, in the 1940s, to celebrate the life and times of Ukrainian writer and artist Taras Shevchenko.

My introduction to ‘old country’ nationalist poetry has indeed been a unique journey of discovery.  Upon discovering this photo, and the accompaning photo credit to Picco Studio: Rouyn, Quebec, I began my adventure for the first time in Ukrainian history.  Fascinating as it is, I am also interested in creating more history by adding to the encyclopedic documentation of my ancestry.

I searched relevant pages on Wikipedia including the Shevchenko entry and the entry for ‘Ukrainian literature‘ and added the above photograph of my ancestors to the pages in relevant sections.

It is no easy process to become an auto-confirmed or confirmed user on Wikipedia, granting certain editing rights that allow you to bypass the sharktank-like nature of beginner editing and article administration on Wikipedia.  Politics aside, I have successfully created and edited several large articles and am proud of my work there.

But now for a little bit more of history.  I’ve decided that the Picco Studio photo credit in the above photograph should be also enshrined through the online encyclopedia.

After toying around with Google and Google Translate for awhile, I found this page on the owners of Picco Studio.  I need some help in translating this page found here and badly translated into English here.

Apparently the photographer had a relationship to Marcel Barbeau, a relatively well known artist and recipient of the Order of Canada.  This fascinates me.

More records of Picco Studio, of Rouyn-Noranda, can be found as part of the Eddy Mathon Fund, a volume of more than 100,000 photographic works acquired by the National Archives of Quebec. 

According to this slightly botched translation: “The fund consists almost exclusively of original negatives from four studios of professional photographers Rouyn-Noranda: Star Studio Enrg, Gérard Enrg Photo, Fast Photo Enrg… Picco and Studio. These are portraits of individuals and families, as well as photographs of weddings and major buildings of Rouyn-Noranda. The fund also includes photographs of social, cultural and sports that took place in Rouyn-Noranda.

I will continue this journey into historical genealogical research by making additional #Wiki entries about these archives and listing them on the encyclopedia.

There are a great many historical photos that could be included on Wikipedia, and most remain hidden and locked away in libraries and archives.

Is there not a more suitable method to digitize these memories?


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