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Memories Forever Stumbles Out Of The Gate In Canada & Ukraine

VERSION 1.0 – It’s true, it’s true.  I’ve been working virtually non-stop this week, despite time spent mourning the near passing of a loved one, to get some of the planning work done for Memories Forever. At least that’s what it’s being called right now.  I’m writing this particular mission to my sister who is partners in the aptly code-named project to tell her some updates on the web hosting front.  I’ve been in conversation with @GoDaddy all week and this is what I can surmise about their web hosting plans so far:

  • The company is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and security of  cPanel is easy to fake in an open relay.
  • Vendor agents that make it a regular habit of neglecting customer service to create more financial benefits.
  • No emphasis on site security Login or service.
  • Site traffic creates endless loop WordPress specific applications called ‘plugins encouraged, but little support.
  • Recommendations by e-agents working for the same company does not use e-mail from this supplier.
  • Recommendations by agent via the website scrape with third-party tools. The solution was to introduce a database agent suggested cut and paste into WordPress.
  • Re-billing and auto-debit problem. Information is not given re new SMTP or to those who are disabled hosting web domains.
  • Code programming is added to the page builder and WordPress installations. Several WordPress site does not work and is not recommended, despite multiple domains on the server.
  • The possibility that they ignore international clients through issues of payment and conversion of the dollar.

The translation of this page is @

Legacy Photo: Adding Our History To Memories Forever


#HISTORY – The point she makes is accurate.  I’m talking about my sister when she says, “we can’t let Grandpa just forget about the box of photographs in the corner box of his house.”

And of course, she’s right.  Digital cameras have been around for almost two decades now but prior to that, our generations’ have had access to plenty of non-digitized photography in their family archives.

So what happens to all that stuff that pre-dates our digital camera usage?  Are we as a collective family (or families) going to just let it disappear, never to be seen again, or are we going to generate real interesting works of creative endeavour meant to celebrate our legacies as people who have had a historical role in shaping communities?

So, some of us are getting together to begin archiving family photography in a way not typically achieved by most families who have relied solely on the digital era of cameras to dominate our documented history.  There are a few projects in the works, nothing that can really be talked about here for the moment, but if you understand the Ukrainian language, this photo below has a few clues in it.


There is information and plenty of history stored away in old family photos, and going to the grave without establishing some sort of trust in the value of that history for future generations is not something I want to be pursuing.

Can we really extract value and a benefits for the next generations from a dusty old pile of photos in the corner of Grandpa’s office?  Sure, we can.  After all, there are memories there.

We’ll take those memories and make them live forever.

Plenty more to come here, stay tuned… we have ideas brewing.

Legacy Photo: Joy Of Ukrainian Christmas Using Google: Радість українського Різдва


#TECHNOLOGY – For those who are unaware, we are in the midst of Ukrainian Christmas celebrations.  Here is a letter I wrote to my father in Ukrainian.  I used the tools of Google, Twitter, Wikipedia and WordPress to translate.


Dear Father and Family,

I am writing to you to express my joy at the prospect of learning a new language and the gifts you have given me.  I appreciate your hard work and effort with the less fortunate.

It is Christmas and it is time to think about our Ukrainian family.  I have been learning the language and culture recently as a result of the information we talked about using the Ukrainian National Federation as a base and photos from our family archives to celebrate the spirit of our family.

According to the organization that your father and mother believed in, it is my duty and responsibility to embrace and continue the language and culture of our heritage.

This is the first letter I will write to you in the Ukrainian language using the tools of #Google, #Twitter, #Wikipedia and #WordPress.  I hope to share these with you over the coming years.

I wish you all the best in your business matters and hope that you can continue to bring happiness to all in your life.

We will celebrate the spirit with a Holy Supper.


Дорогий батько і сім’я,

Я пишу вам, щоб висловити свою радість у зв’язку з перспективою вивчення нової мови і подарунків ви дали мені. Я ціную вашу працю і зусилля з менш щасливими.

Це Різдво, і цей час, щоб подумати про нашу української родини. Я вивчаю мову і культуру останнім часом в результаті інформації, ми говорили про використання Національну федерацію України в якості бази і фотографій від наших сімейних архівів, щоб відсвяткувати дух нашої сім’ї.

За даними організації, що ваш батько і мати вірила в це мій борг і обов’язок прийняти і продовжити мову і культуру нашої спадщини.

Це перша буква Я напишу вам українською мовою з використанням інструментів #Google, #Twitter, #Wikipedia і #WordPress. Я сподіваюся, що поділитися цим з вами в найближчі роки.

Я бажаю вам всього найкращого у ваших ділових питань, і сподіваємося, що ви можете продовжувати, щоб принести щастя всім у вашому житті.

Ми святкуватимемо дух з Тайної Вечері.


Dorohyy batʹko i sim’ya,

YA pyshu vam, shchob vyslovyty svoyu radistʹ u zv’yazku z perspektyvoyu vyvchennya novoyi movy i podarunkiv vy daly meni. YA tsinuyu vashu pratsyu i zusyllya z mensh shchaslyvymy.

Tse Rizdvo, i tsey chas, shchob podumaty pro nashu ukrayinsʹkoyi rodyny. YA vyvchayu movu i kulʹturu ostannim chasom v rezulʹtati informatsiyi, my hovoryly pro vykorystannya Natsionalʹnu federatsiyu Ukrayiny v yakosti bazy i fotohrafiy vid nashykh simeynykh arkhiviv, shchob vidsvyatkuvaty dukh nashoyi sim’yi.

Za danymy orhanizatsiyi, shcho vash batʹko i maty viryla v tse miy borh i obov’yazok pryynyaty i prodovzhyty movu i kulʹturu nashoyi spadshchyny.

Tse persha bukva YA napyshu vam ukrayinsʹkoyu movoyu z vykorystannyam instrumentiv #Google, #Twitter, #Wikipedia i #WordPress. YA spodivayusya, shcho podilytysya tsym z vamy v nayblyzhchi roky.

YA bazhayu vam vsʹoho naykrashchoho u vashykh dilovykh pytanʹ, i spodivayemosya, shcho vy mozhete prodovzhuvaty, shchob prynesty shchastya vsim u vashomu zhytti.

My svyatkuvatymemo dukh z Taynoyi Vecheri.

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Ghosts Of Europe: Learning A Language With Twitter


#SOCIALMEDIA – So I spent the day yesterday with my mother fixing her hearing aid. The technology works for her but the problem is with her ear itself.  It is misshapen and her ear canal does not accommodate the moulded shape of the device.

It’s a design flaw but I feel the same way when I try out these new style headphone ear buds.  They just don’t fit and constantly fall out of my ear.  I need the solid one piece buds, not the kind that are held in your ear by a piece of soft plastic webbing.

And when it comes to learning about my past and where I come from for the sake of improving my family history awareness, I also feel helpless.  I’ve never learned to speak any other language but English and computer code so I’m disabled when it comes to me search to bridge the communication gap with my #Ukrainian heritage.

The picture you see attached to this article was taken in the 1940s at the Ukrainian National Federation hall in #Rouyn-Noranda, #Quebec, #Canada.  My grandfather is in the picture looking as reserved as every other gentleman.

I needed to find a way to communicate with the past to help guide my future.  I’m at the age now where I’m ready to accept the challenge of finally learning how to work with words and a language not originally my own and  I think I can meet this challenge, but I’m going to use social media to do it.

So here’s what I’ll do in this article.  I’m going to mix up a big old hash scrambler of technology using #Twitter, #Wikipedia, #WordPress and #GoogleTranslate to create a free method of English to Ukrainian language translation and throw in a letter-writing campaign to improve certain aspects of my ancestral knowledge.

As I said, my Dad’s side is Ukrainian and that is the language I wish to learn, so we’ll start with searching for contacts at the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada who may be interested in the historical value of the photo.

Step 1) Use Wikipedia to find out more information:  Well, I run into a roadblock as there is no Wiki encyclopedia page for the UNF.  How do I get around this?  I make one.  I use an account on Wikipedia to create an entry in the database listing as much information about the Ukrainian national group as possible.


I pull the information, as much as I can, from their website at, despite that site having ample broken pages and errors.  I do an email search for all UNF contact names in Canada and I write a very kind email explaining that I’ve just entered a new entry into Wikipedia.  Will they respond?  Who knows?  I hope they don’t see my work as a solicitation and I hope I can be part of their information technology goals.  Of course, it is my duty to be responsible about the way I encourage and embrace cultural traditions so I will remain interested in this project, even if I receive no response.  I publicize the Wikipage on the Ukrainian WikiPortal and the Ukrainian WikiProject page and hopefully wait enough time that nobody deletes the entry.

Step 2) Set up a Twitter account to talk to other people in Ukrainian in real time: So I made a few mistakes in choosing the right Twitter username and ended up going with @UNFofCanadaWiki to help encourage others to create and contribute to the encyclopedia page.  I follow several newspapers from the Old Country and several other Ukrainian Twitter accounts and realize I have yet to communicate using the Ukrainian language.

Step 3) Go to Google Translate, and start writing.  I use the language translation engine to type several tweets and contact several other people, hoping they get back to me.  I only have 140 characters with which to write my message so I am trying to whittle down my attempts at conversation-starting.  By the time this project is over, it’s late at night and I realize I have zero personal knowledge of Ukrainian #news or #culture so in fact I have nothing to talk about.


I ended up promoting to a few souls who were probably confused more than anything else.  Regardless, I now have a Ukrainian Twitter account and can contact others in Ukrainian and translate tweets directly from my lifestream timeline.

It’s going to take a while to learn what exactly is the context of what I’m writing and I am beginning to recognize some of the grammar constructions – not many – but at least I can get my name down, and that’s a good start.


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#SOCIALMEDIA – Так я провів вчорашній день з мамою фіксації її слуховий апарат. Технологія працює на ній, але проблема з самою їй на вухо. Це деформовано і її вушний канал не передбачена формованою форму устрою.

Це конструктивний недолік, але я відчуваю те ж саме, коли я намагаюся ці нові навушники в стилі навушники рецептори. Вони просто не підходять і постійно випадають з вуха. Мені потрібні тверді один шматок нирки, а не вигляд, що проводяться у вухо шматок м’якого пластику лямки.

І коли справа доходить до навчання про моє минуле і звідки я родом заради поліпшення моїй родині обізнаності історії, я відчуваю себе безпорадним. Я ніколи не навчився говорити будь-який інший мову, але англійською та комп’ютерний код, так що я відключив коли справа доходить до мене шукати, щоб подолати розрив зв’язку з моїм #Ukrainian спадщини.

Картина ви бачите додається до цієї статті було прийнято в 1940 в залі Українського національного Федерації в # Rouyn-Noranda, #Quebec, #Canada. Мій дід на зображенні дивлячись, як захищені, як будь-який інший джентльмен.

Мені потрібно було знайти спосіб спілкуватися з минулим, щоб допомогти своє майбутнє. Я у віці, де зараз я готовий прийняти виклик, нарешті, дізнатися, як працювати зі словами і мовою спочатку не моє, і я думаю, що можу відповісти на цей виклик, але я збираюся використовувати соціальні медіа, щоб Зроби це.

Так ось, що я буду робити в цій статті. Я збираюся змішувати великий старий хеш скремблер технології, використовуючи #Twitter, #Wikipedia, #WordPress і #GoogleTranslate створити безкоштовний спосіб англійському перекладі в української мови і кинути в лист кампанію, щоб поліпшити деякі аспекти мій знань предків.

Як я вже сказав, сторона мого батька є українська і що це мова, яку я хочу, щоб дізнатися, тому ми почнемо з пошуку контактів на Української Національної федерації Канади, які можуть бути зацікавлені в історичній цінності фото.

Крок 1) Використовуйте Вікіпедію, щоб дізнатися більше інформації: Ну, я біжу в контрольно-пропускному пункті, оскільки немає ні енциклопедія сторінка Вікі для УНФ. Як це обійти? Я зробити один. Я використовую обліковий запис на Вікіпедії, щоб створити запис в базі даних з переліком, як багато інформації про українське національне групи, як це можливо.

Я тягну інформацію, скільки я можу, з їх сайту на, незважаючи на цьому сайті, має широкі зламані сторінок і помилок. Я по електронній пошті пошуку для всіх UNF імен контактів у Канаді і пишу, пояснюючи, що я тільки що вступив у нову запис у Вікіпедії дуже добрий по електронній пошті. Чи будуть вони відповідати? Хто знає? Я сподіваюся, що вони не бачать мою роботу як нав’язування і я сподіваюся, що може бути частиною їх цілей у сфері інформаційних технологій. Звичайно, це мій обов’язок, щоб нести відповідальність про те, як я закликаю і охопити культурні традиції, тому я як і раніше зацікавлені в цьому проекті, навіть якщо я не отримаю відповіді. Я пропагувати вікі сторінки на українському WikiPortal і сторінки Української WikiProject і, сподіваюся, чекати достатньо часу, що ніхто не видаляє запис.

Крок 2) Налаштування облікового запису Twitter, щоб говорити з іншими людьми на українському в реальному часі: Так що я зробив кілька помилок у виборі правильного Twitter ім’я користувача та в кінцевому підсумку відбувається сUNFofCanadaWiki, щоб допомогти стимулювати інших, щоб створити і зробити свій внесок у сторінці енциклопедії , Я дотримуюся кілька газет із Старої Країні і кілька інших українських рахунків Twitter і розумію, що я ще спілкуватися за допомогою української мови.

Крок 3) Перейти до Google Translate, і почати писати. Я використовую механізм переведення мови для введення декількох твітів і зв’язатися кілька інших людей, сподіваючись, що вони повернутися до мене. У мене тільки 140 символів, за допомогою яких, щоб написати моє повідомлення так що я намагаюся звести нанівець мої спроби зав’язати розмову-запуску. До того часу, цей проект закінчився, вже пізно вночі, і я розумію, що я мати нульову особисті знання українських #news або #culture так насправді я нічого не маю про що поговорити.

Я в кінцевому підсумку заохочення до декількох душ, які, ймовірно, були плутати більше, ніж що-небудь ще. Незважаючи на це, у мене тепер є український Твіттері може зв’язатися з іншими в українському і перевести твіти прямо з моєї LifeStream терміни.

Це займе деякий час, щоб дізнатися, що саме в контексті того, що я пишу, і я починаю визнати деякі з граматичних конструкцій – не багато – але принаймні я можу отримати моє ім’я вниз, і це хороший початок.



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Legacy Photo: Grandmother Celebrates Ukrainian Poet’s Life, Now A Digital Adventure

100x250scrapbooking#TECHNOLOGY – It began with a few questions asked of my father.  Who is in this picture, why was it taken and where did it come from?  What resulted was a new adventure in digital scrapbooking.

The woman pictured middle row, fifth from left is my Grandmother Anna.  The lad in the hat at front is my Uncle Ron.  They are gathered at the local hall in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, in the 1940s, to celebrate the life and times of Ukrainian writer and artist Taras Shevchenko.

My introduction to ‘old country’ nationalist poetry has indeed been a unique journey of discovery.  Upon discovering this photo, and the accompaning photo credit to Picco Studio: Rouyn, Quebec, I began my adventure for the first time in Ukrainian history.  Fascinating as it is, I am also interested in creating more history by adding to the encyclopedic documentation of my ancestry.

I searched relevant pages on Wikipedia including the Shevchenko entry and the entry for ‘Ukrainian literature‘ and added the above photograph of my ancestors to the pages in relevant sections.

It is no easy process to become an auto-confirmed or confirmed user on Wikipedia, granting certain editing rights that allow you to bypass the sharktank-like nature of beginner editing and article administration on Wikipedia.  Politics aside, I have successfully created and edited several large articles and am proud of my work there.

But now for a little bit more of history.  I’ve decided that the Picco Studio photo credit in the above photograph should be also enshrined through the online encyclopedia.

After toying around with Google and Google Translate for awhile, I found this page on the owners of Picco Studio.  I need some help in translating this page found here and badly translated into English here.

Apparently the photographer had a relationship to Marcel Barbeau, a relatively well known artist and recipient of the Order of Canada.  This fascinates me.

More records of Picco Studio, of Rouyn-Noranda, can be found as part of the Eddy Mathon Fund, a volume of more than 100,000 photographic works acquired by the National Archives of Quebec. 

According to this slightly botched translation: “The fund consists almost exclusively of original negatives from four studios of professional photographers Rouyn-Noranda: Star Studio Enrg, Gérard Enrg Photo, Fast Photo Enrg… Picco and Studio. These are portraits of individuals and families, as well as photographs of weddings and major buildings of Rouyn-Noranda. The fund also includes photographs of social, cultural and sports that took place in Rouyn-Noranda.

I will continue this journey into historical genealogical research by making additional #Wiki entries about these archives and listing them on the encyclopedia.

There are a great many historical photos that could be included on Wikipedia, and most remain hidden and locked away in libraries and archives.

Is there not a more suitable method to digitize these memories?


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Are Seniors Stuck On Android With Difficult WiFi Search And Connect?

socialmedia1 #ANDROID – Mom, this article is for you.  Since I love you so much, and appreciate everything you do, I thought we could later go out for lunch at Starbucks and I could help you access WiFi there.

Do you see me in the photo above helping Dad’s father with a Polaroid camera? Times have changed.  But we still have fun!

Just to let other people who aren’t my mother know…I bought her a Samsung Tab A for Christmas to go with her new social media account on Google.  Err, rather, she only had Gmail so I got the tablet on the hope she would appreciate the opportunity to integrate everything with a Google Account and use the social media features of a fully integrated Android tablet.

I have a few regrets.  First, I went with the Samsung Tab A, which has a lower quality mega-pixel rating than the more expensive models.  With arthritis she may not be able to hold the camera steady enough to take a good quality of picture as some of the higher end tablets with better cameras might be able to afford.  If I purchased a better tablet, the pictures would come out better.  Sorry mum.  That said, she has taken some good photos of the family.

The miracle here is Google Photos and Google Drive which I have integrated with her Google Account.  It lets me download and share art and photographs of the history of the family from my other accounts to her tablet.  I loaded her storage space with dozens of photos and Mom, I promise after you read this article this morning I will help you send that photo you wanted me to send from the historic archive of our family.

My other regret is that I bought myself a Galaxy 3 Lite and didn’t spring for myself for an enhanced model.  I am an Android loyalist recently but that is only because it took me awhile to get here.  Previous incarnations of Android tablets I have been anchoring have had terrible quality glass on the screen so I was left with poor response from my touch.  For my mother, she is able to successfully navigate with a digital stylus pen which makes the operating system easier to manage.

I also installed the Big Launcher on her device, which I would rate as the single most important app I have ever used.  Basically it transforms the tablet from a complicated collection of apps to a customized senior and vision-impaired friendly operating system.

By the way Mom, an ‘App’ stands for ‘application’ and refers to the individual programs that you can use to perform various tasks.  For instance, your library account uses an app.

So Mom, today we will find out how difficult it is and how user-unfriendly it is to find and access WiFi signals at your favorite hotspot. Before that though, I will help you send that photo.


Your son…

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Yes, You Need WiFi At Your Funeral

Using your smartphone or tablet at a funeral? You may be on to something. What may be the final taboo for acceptance of our digital lifestyles seems to be falling by the wayside.

WiFi at a funeral is practically essential now. As funeral home operators embrace concepts like livestreaming, it seems obvious that loved ones may want to pay tribute to the deceased in nontraditional ways.

Since our lives have been changed by advancements in communication like social media, so too have our tech needs evolved in death.  Maybe your family or social group uses a #hashtag and you wish to continue to post photographs from your archives to that hashtag as a reminder of your legacy despite your passing?  In addition, there are many services that allow you to send email from your departed self.  Maybe you want to send those messages at your viewing, or your wake?

Is acceptance of Twitter and Facebook at bereavement services far behind?  We acknowledge that it’s commonplace to mark the passing of a celebrity by memorializing them with our Tweets, but what about our own loved ones?  Facebook allows you to request Memorialization for any account, but how soon until we are interacting with that account during a service?

A digital estate memorial makes certain that your heirs will be able to interact with your legacy beyond your passing.


#Ancestry, #Assets, #DigitalEstatePlanning, #EstatePlanning, #Estates, #Family, #Heart, #Heirloom, #History, #Impression, #Instagram, #Legacy, #Life, #Love, #Memorial, #Memory, #Photography, #SocialMedia


A digital estate memorial employs a combination of digital technology, including online memorials, for the benefit of the descendant’s estate using various forms of communication, data storage and messaging to continue the legacy of the deceased as years progress. This includes services designed to continue contact with descendants with instructions or greetings from the passed. Some organizations ensure that digital inheritance will be protected in the event new technology emerges over periods of generational succession. This would include new applications of the digital inheritance lifestream as technological systems develop.


Photo credit: liewcf via / CC BY-SA

Using Flickr and FlickrFolio To Design Your First Digital Estate Memorial


It takes heart and a little bit of courage to embrace social media and digital technology for the first time. If you’re new to digital asset management and want to make an impression quickly, try downloading Flickr for your smartphone or tablet.

It’s an easy go-to solution before launching into the world of digital signage displays which are often costly to implement for those on a budget or solely for those looking to produce a digital estate memorial that lasts beyond the general bereavement time period for a wake or funeral.

Download the apps and set up your account for the time being to display your estate photography ‘privately’.  Alternatively, you can add other beneficiaries of the estate to your photostream to help edit descriptions, tags and titles.

Sometimes with more than one beneficiary editing estate photography, disputes will arise with respect to who wants what images included and who wants some deleted.  That’s why it’s crucial to begin this process before the decedent has passed. In some cases, mediation will be necessary.

Besides, shouldn’t we all decide which images we want to include in our afterlife historical perspectives?  There are just some photographs we don’t want included in our estate plan and ultimately we are in charge until an estate manager decides otherwise.

Flickr is a fast and free solution to building your first digital estate tribute to yourself or a loved one.  With a terabyte of free storage in the cloud, you’ll be sure to have enough room to tinker around with all your best estate photography efforts and memories.

But how are you going to display this when celebrating your life?  Output to a standard HD television display is not standard in all funeral homes for use during visitation.  If not available, you may have to provide one for yourself.  Remember, this is a lifetime of memories you are encapsulating and you need to be sure that the solution you provide best harnesses the future impact of your memories.

The FlickrFolio app is a slide-show with transitional effects that when combined with an Android set-top box, can provide background music from an individuals’ favourite music according to their Google Play account settings or other streaming music provider.

This is only a brief introduction to the world of creating your first permanent digital estate memorial.  These solutions aren’t perfect, but they provide a starting-off point for your first afterlife production.

Plan on!


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